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2017-2018 CSU East Bay Catalog 
2017-2018 CSU East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Construction Planning and Control Certificate

Department & Faculty Information  

This certificate program consists of 16 units and is designed to give recognition to students who complete a curriculum emphasizing Construction Planning and Control. This is a curriculum designed for construction and construction-related professionals interested in expanding their horizons and career opportunities without committing to the masters degree program requiring 48 units. This certificate program offers a concentrated training in construction project management. The certificate is applicable towards a master’s degree in Construction Management after the student applies, gains acceptance, and completes the remainder of the curriculum for the degree. Courses in Construction Cost Estimating, Construction Project Planning and Control-Computer Tools, Financial Decision Making and Reporting in Construction and Construction Safety emphasize the project management side of the profession.

Admission to the Program

The Certificate Program in Construction Project Planning and Control is open to graduates of accredited institutions who have a bachelor’s degree in any construction related field and who have achieved a GPA of at least 2.50. Applicants failing to meet these criteria may petition the Selection Committee for a waiver of these requirements.


  1. A baccalaureate degree in any construction related field from an accredited university with a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 (4.0 basis) in their undergraduate work,
  2. relevant work experience, and
  3. College Algebra and Trigonometry or equivalent level math courses.

Continued Participation in the Program

Students must achieve a minimum grade of “B” (3.0) in each required course for continued participation and pass a comprehensive written examination upon completion of the program.

Note: All the courses in the Construction Planning and Control Certificate are required in the M.S. Construction Management degree. If a student wishes to seek admission to and complete the graduate program after completing this certificate, all 16 units can be transferred and used in the master’s. Sixteen is the maximum number of units a student can transfer into the M.S. Construction Management degree.