Sep 23, 2023  
2017-2018 CSU East Bay Catalog 
2017-2018 CSU East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Click on any link to take you to corresponding information located in the catalog.  Note: Failure to read and comply with all policies, regulations, and procedures will not exempt a student from possible penalties.  Please, familiarize yourself with all the chapters of this catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I responsible for other fees? 

Are there special admission and eligibility requirements for international students? 

Can I qualify for Grade Forgiveness?  

Does the university have any special provisions for enrollment and admission? 

How are a student’s transfer units evaluated?  

How can I be readmitted after Academic Disqualification?  

How can I qualify for the Dean’s and Honors Lists?  

How do I request Grade Forgiveness?   

How do students enroll for classes?  

How does Cal State East Bay define and handle academic dishonesty?  

How does one become a Cal State East Bay student?  

How is my grade point average (GPA) computed?  

How is the determination of residency for tuition purposes made?  

How may I obtain credit by examination as an undergraduate student?  

How should I pay my fees?  

How will a student be notified that their application has been received?  

How will an applicant be informed of the admission decision?  

What are Cal State East Bay’s admission procedures and policies?  

What are Cal State East Bay’s refund policies?  

What are the academic grading symbols for undergraduates, and what do they signify? 

What are the administrative grading symbols, and what do they signify? 

What are the enrollment requirements for transitory (visiting) students?  

What are the fees for Continuing Education courses? 


What is the grading policy at Cal State East Bay?  

What are the minimum admission requirements for freshmen? 

What are the minimum admission standards for transfer students? 

What changes can students make in their enrollment status?  

What constitutes probation and disqualification?  

What determines a student’s classification?  

What general policies affect a student’s enrollment at Cal State East Bay?  

What information do students need to enroll in classes?  

What information is necessary for evaluation of admission eligibility?  

What is Cal State East Bay’s policy regarding fees or debts owed to the institution?  

What is Nonresident Tuition? 

What is the California State University’s average support cost per full-time equivalent student?  

What is the grading policy at Cal State East Bay?  

What is the procedure for the establishment or abolishment of a student body fee? 

What recourse do I have if I believe I have received a grade that is inappropriate?  

What undergraduate fees do I pay when I register at Cal State East Bay? 

When are final examinations scheduled?  

When is the deadline to apply?  

When will I receive my grades?  

Where can I get information on financial assistance? 

Which undergraduate placement examinations do I need to take?  

Who must complete an application?