Feb 21, 2024  
2023-2024 Cal State East Bay Catalog 
2023-2024 Cal State East Bay Catalog

GE Area E Courses

The following courses have been approved for GE Area E at the time of publication.  Students must take a total of 3 units of Area E.

BIOL 130 Connecting to Biology  

CS 170 - Cyber Security Awareness for Everybody: How to protect yourself in Cyber Space  

DANC 110 Contemporary Ballet I  

DANC 111 Hip Hop Dance I  

DANC 113 Jazz Dance I   

DANC 115 Modern Dance I  

DANC 116 Dance Partnering I  

DANC 117 Rhythm Tap Dance  

DANC 210 Contemporary Ballet II  

DANC 211 Hip Hop Dance II  

DANC 212 African Dance  

DANC 213 Jazz Dance II   

DANC 215 Modern Dance II  

DANC 216 Dance Partnering II  

DANC 217 Musical Theater Dance  

DANC 360 Inclusive Interdisciplinary Ensemble Performance  

DANC 362 Inclusive Interdisciplinary Ensemble    

EPSY 101 Career Planning For College Students  

EPSY 301 - Orientation to Careers in Counseling  

FIN 130 Managing Your Money  

FIN 230 Personal Finance  

GS 100 - Bridge to Success  

GS 101A Foundations of Success I  

GS 101B Foundations of Success II  

GS 311 - Strategies for Success in College and Career  

GS 321 Navigating for Success as a Sankofa Scholar I  

GS 322 Navigating for Success as a Sankofa Scholar II  (Diversity Overlay)

GS 331 Community Engagement and Leadership Seminar for GANAS I  (Social Justice Overlay)

GS 332 Community Engagement and Leadership Seminar for GANAS II  (Social Justice Overlay)     

HOS 299 Professionalism & Etiquette  (Diversity Overlay) 

INFO 200 Topics and Applications in Critical Information Studies  

INFO 210 Introduction to Searching for and Evaluating Information  

INFO 220 Information Literacy Skills  

INFO 250 Introduction to Critical Information Studies  

ITM 110 - Fundamentals of Information Systems and Applications  

KIN 100 Beginning Activities: Badminton  

KIN 101 Beginning Activities: Basketball  

KIN 107 Beginning Activities: Swimming  

KIN 109 Beginning Activities: Volleyball  

KIN 110 Beginning Activities: Circuit Training  

KIN 112 Beginning Activities: Fitness Training  

KIN 113 Beginning Activities: Judo  

KIN 114 Beginning Activities: Weight Training  

KIN 115 Beginning Activities: Hapkido Self Defense  

KIN 116 Beginning Activities: Taekwondo Karate  

KIN 117 Beginning Activities: Soccer  

KIN 118 Beginning Activities: Self Defense - Women  

KIN 119 Beginning Activities: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  

KIN 121 Beginning Activities: Golf  

KIN 124 Beginning Activities: Tennis    

KIN 133 Beginning Activities: Relaxation  

KIN 134 Beginning Activities: Yoga   

KIN 136 Beginning Activities: Dance Fitness  

KIN 138 Beginning Activities: Aerobic Fitness - Kick Boxing  

KIN 139 Beginning Activities: Spin  

KIN 140 Beginning Activities: Water Aerobics    

KIN 143 Beginning Activities: Pilates  

KIN 144 Beginning Activities: Boot Camp Fitness  

KIN 145 Beginning Activities: Firm and Tone    

KIN 148 Beginning Activities: Soccer - Tennis  

KIN 149 Beginning Activities: Aerobic Walking    

KIN 154 Beginning Activities: Flag Football  

KIN 155 Beginning Activities: Table Tennis  

KIN 201 Intermediate Activities: Basketball  

KIN 207 Intermediate Activities: Swimming   

KIN 210 Intermediate Activities: Weight Training  

KIN 211 Intermediate Activities: Circuit Training  

KIN 212 Intermediate Activities: Fitness Training   

KIN 217 Intermediate Activities: Soccer  

KIN 224 Intermediate Activities: Tennis  

KIN 234 Intermediate Activities: Yoga  

KIN 235 Intermediate Activities: Tai Chi   

KIN 240 Intermediate Activities: Varied Activities   

KIN 261 Competition Conditioning  

KIN 265 CPR and First Aid  

MUS 351B East Bay Singers   

MUS 353 East Bay Wind Symphony   

MUS 355 East Bay Jazz Orchestra   

REC 358 Mindfulness, Meditation, Spirituality, and Creativity in Recreation Therapy  

REC 359 - Therapeutic Environmental Recreation  

REC 360 Foundations in Recreation Therapy  

SCI 130 Connecting to STEM Majors