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2020-2021 Cal State East Bay Catalog 
2020-2021 Cal State East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

French, B.A.

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French, B.A. Program (120 units)

Program Description

The B.A. in French offers students the ability to learn speaking writing, and analytical skills in French.  It also introduces them to the various cultures of France, and the Francophone world.  Students acquire an understanding of those countries’ historical background and contemporary issues while developing their proficiency in French.  The program fosters critical approaches to Francophone Literatures and Cultures.  The program prepares students for an ever-changing world and offers career opportunities in International government, business, travel, communications, and other fields where the knowledge of more than one language is essential.

Program Learning Outcomes

Oral Communication: 

Students will be able to express themselves with sufficient accuracy and clarity to carry on conversations with native speakers and to give oral presentations appropriate to the undergraduate level.  Students will be able to appreciate the various components of diverse cultures.  Through in-class discussions and group work, students will also learn how to work collaboratively an open-minded and respectful way.  This will prepare them for their future workplace.

Written Communication: 

Students will be able to express themselves with a fair amount of sophistication, integrating research information while giving adequate credit to the sources used.  They will also have the ability to convey critical ideas in both academic and social contexts in a respectful way. 

Critical Thinking: 

Students will be familiar with major creative texts, and other cultural productions such as art, music, cinema, and history.  They will also learn critical thinking, critical and analytical methods that are reinforced by their language skills.  They should be able to relate a variety of cultural productions to the socio-cultural contexts in which they developed.

Multicultural Diversity: 

Students will demonstrate that they have acquired the knowledge of ethnic cultural diversity, and other forms of diversity such as gender, while developing an appreciation of contributions to the body of diverse cultural productions, such as art, music, cinema, and history.

Social Justice and Sustainability: 

Students will be able to act responsibly and recognize the historical and individual perspectives vs. the global.  Students will demonstrate knowledge of global barriers to equality and social justice, identify and critically assess social, cultural, historical, political, national and/or global inequalities while acquiring the knowledge of multicultural diversity in more than one area.  Students will be able to use multiple forms (essay, research, creative expression) and mediums of communication (on the ground, social media, television, radio) to investigate, participate in, and/or critique social justice movements in an open-minded and respectful manner.

Program Roadmaps

These program roadmaps represent recommended pathways through the program. Please see an advisor to create an education plan that is customized to meet your needs.

4-Year Freshmen Roadmap

French, B.A. (2020-21)  

Career Opportunities

Students with a French Major can have careers in the following areas:  

  • Education:  In addition to traditional elementary and High schools, there are many French-American schools in the Bay Area, and around the country
  • Editing/publishing:  Skills acquired allow students to be tuned to syntax and spelling in both French and English.
  • Government agencies such as the CIA, the FBI, the United Nations and Consular Services

Bilingual Call Center Representative • Bilingual Technical Support Specialist • College Admissions Officer/Counselor • Communications • Community College/University Professor • Computer coding • ESL Teacher/Assistant abroad • Film/Video/Book editor • Intern for Major French Banks • International Business • International Trade Specialist • Interpretation • Librarian • Peace Corps • Research Assistant/Associate • Sales Coordinator for International Hotel Company • Tour Guide/Consultant • Translation • University Grant Writer


In addition to major requirements, every student must also complete the University requirements for graduation which are described in the Undergraduate Information  chapter of this catalog.

Degree Requirements Unit-Outline

  • A baccalaureate of arts degree requires a total of 120 units:
    • The major requirements consists of 40 units
    • General Education & Graduation Requirements consists of 57 units ;
    • Free Electives may consist of 23 units (actual number of free elective units may depend on GE/GR units).

Note: It may be possible to double-count units within the graduation requirements or that a course may satisfy both a graduation requirement and a major requirement. Students should contact their program and AACE advisors for information.

French Major Requirements (24-37 units)

Lower Division Coursework

Note: Students may be exempt from lower division courses. Students may challenge elementary and intermediate courses by exam.

Students who are not exempt must take all of the following four (4) courses for 16 units:

Upper Division Coursework

Students who are NOT exempt from lower-division coursework must complete 21 units as outlined below.  Students exempt from lower-division coursework must complete additional upper-division coursework to meet the 24-unit minimum for a B.A. degree.

Other Undergraduate Degree Requirements

In addition to major requirements, every student must also complete the University’s baccalaureate requirements for graduation, which are described in the Requirements, Exams & Testing  chapter of this catalog. 

Department Courses Listed by Course Type

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Modern Languages and Literatures: Spanish Peninsular Literature and Culture


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