Jun 12, 2024  
2019-2020 Cal State East Bay Catalog 
2019-2020 Cal State East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

GE Area D4 Courses

The following courses have been approved for GE Area D4 at the time of publication.  

ANTH 300 Anthropology of Global Change  

ANTH 312 Primate Behavioral Ecology  

ANTH 321 Archaeology of the Americas  

ANTH 331 Folklore  

ANTH 333 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective  (Social Justice Overlay)

ANTH 334 Human Sexuality: Anthropological Perspectives  

ANTH 340 Language and Culture  

ANTH 341 Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice  (Social Justice Overlay)

ANTH 342 Language and Sexuality  (Diversity Overlay)

ANTH 350 Indians of California  

ANTH 354 China  

ANTH 371 Business Anthropology  

ANTH 372 Medical Anthropology  (Diversity Overlay)

ECON 306 Money, Banking, & Financial Intermediaries  

ECON 337 Sports Economics  

ENGR 400A Historical Architectural Virtual Prototyping I  

ENVT 330 Environment, Sustainability, and Social Justice  (Sustainability Overlay)

ENVT 465 Sustainable Communities and Development  (Sustainability Overlay)

ES 301 Black Feminisms  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 305 Reel Injun: American Indians in Film  (Social Justice Overlay)

ES 306 American Indian Liberation  (Social Justice Overlay)

ES 320 The Chicano/a Movement  (Social Justice Overlay)

ES 326 Peoples of Central America  (Social Justice Overlay)

ES 327 Decolonize Your Diet  (Sustainability Overlay)

ES 341 Enslavement and Resistance in the Americas  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 343 Black Power  (Social Justice Overlay)

ES 344 Malcolm X: Third World Revolutionary  (Social Justice Overlay)

ES 347 Black Sexualities  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 360 Asian American Intimacies and Families  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 362 Concentration Camps, USA  (Social Justice Overlay)

ES 364 Asian American & Pacific Islander Communities  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 381 Racialized Masculinities  (Diversity Overlay)

GEOG 330 Historical Geography of North America  

GEOG 336 Asian Americans: Multiculturalism and Spatial Disparity  

GEOG 350 California  

GEOG 351 United States and Canada  

GEOG 352 Latin America and the Caribbean  

GEOG 353 Africa  

GEOG 354 China: Economic Development and Social Transformation  

GEOG 355 Asia Pacific  

GEOG 356 Europe  

GEOG 455 Sustainable Food Systems  (Sustainability Overlay)

GEOG 465 Sustainable Communities and Development  (Sustainability Overlay)

HDEV 380 Lifespan Human Development   

HIST 365 China: Origins to Mongol Conquest  

HIST 382 California and the World  (US-3)

HIST 389 Social Justice and Reform Movements in America  (Social Justice Overlay)

HIST 393 Revolutionary Thought in Latin America  

HIST 471 History of the East Bay: Community Research and Engagement  

HIST 479 World War II: Global Warfront, Local Homefront  

HSC 362 Environmental Health Policy  

HSC 440 Global Health and Disability  (Social Justice Overlay)

KIN 315 Sport, Culture, and Power  (Social Justice Overlay)

KIN 320 Sport Film: Cultural Perspectives  (Diversity Overlay)

KIN 489 Sport, Racism, and Ethnicity  (Social Justice Overlay)

MLL 311 Studies in Modern Languages and Literatures in English  

MLL 345 Spanish Textual Analysis in a Multicultural Context  

MLL 351 Japan Headline News: A Japanese-English Bilingual Study  

MLL 358 Experiencing Japanese Culture in English Translation  (Social Justice Overlay)

MLL 361 China Headline News: A Chinese-English Bilingual Study  

MLL 366 New Chinese Cinema in English Translation  (Social Justice Overlay)

POSC 321 Political Systems of Western Europe  

POSC 322 Government and Politics of Eastern and Central Europe  

POSC 323 Political Systems of Asia  

POSC 326 Government and Politics of Africa South of the Sahara  

POSC 327 Political Systems of Latin America  

POSC 345 International Law  

POSC 350 World Problems and Global Response  

POSC 351 International Relations  

POSC 352 International Security in the 21st Century  

POSC 354 American Foreign Policy  

POSC 355 The United Nations and World Community  

REC 300 Wellness Through Leisure  

REC 310 Women and Leisure  (Social Justice Overlay)

SOC 325 Race and Ethnic Relations  (Diversity Overlay)

SOC 330 Environmental Sociology  

SOC 340 Sociology of Gender  (Diversity Overlay)

SOC 345 American Society  

SOC 360 Sociology of Sexualities  

STAT 401 Analysis of Variance for Psychology