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2016-2017 CSU East Bay Catalog 
2016-2017 CSU East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Economics, Social Science Economics Option, B.A.

Economics (B.A.) 180 units

Program Description

The Economics major prepares the student for a broad variety of careers including those in law, journalism, banking and insurance, government, teaching, and research. The study of economics has become essential in today’s dynamic and complex business environment.

An Economics education provides the student with a logical way of approaching various problems and issues and provides quantitative skills valued highly by employers. The student learns techniques for analyzing contemporary economic problems and develops the ability to exercise sound judgment in evaluating public policy issues. Many of these skills are useful in daily decision-making irrespective of career choice. The broad background developed with the Economics major encourages the student to become an interested, understanding observer of the events of today’s and tomorrow’s world.

Undergraduate Student Success & Service Center

CBE’s Undergraduate Student Success & Service Center (USSSC) provides services that support and promote student success.  Fore more information and advising contact the USSSC in VBT 129, call 510.885.3323, or email cbe_ssc@csueastbay.edu.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a B.A. in Economics from Cal State East Bay will be able to:

  • Recognize and recall microeconomic principles.
  • Recognize and recall macroeconomic principles.
  • Demonstrate effective oral communication skills in presenting coherent, logical economic arguments grounded in economic theory.
  • Demonstrate effective written communication skills in presenting coherent, logical economic arguments grounded in economic theory and methods in writing.
  • Employ mathematics and statistics to solve economic problems.

Career Opportunities

  •  Accountant
  •  Analyst
  •  Business Executive
  •  Economist
  •  Employment Researcher/Planner
  •  Financial Consultant
  •  Foreign Service Officer
  •  Financial Analyst
  •  Management Analyst
  •  Market Research Analyst
  •  Policy Analyst
  •  Professor/Teacher
  •  Public Policy Analyst
  •  Securities Analyst
  •  Statistical Analyst
  •  Statistician
  •  Stockbroker


For Advanced Placement course equivalencies, see Registration chapter.

CBE Sample Programs

In order to ensure that prerequisite courses are taken in the proper sequence, contact the USSSC.

Major Requirements (B.A.) 65 units

Please consult an advisor in your major department for clarification and interpretation of your major requirements. The B.A. degree requires a total of 180 units.

  • The core major consists of 33 units;
    • the General Economics Option consists of 32 units;
    • the Social Science Economics Option consists of 32 units.
  • GE/USHG/UWS consists of 84 units (some courses may double-count units - see your advisor).
  • Free Electives (if any) will make up the remainder units to reach 180 minimum total units (see your advisor). 

Expiration of Courses: Major/option requirement courses will expire ten years after completion of the quarter in which they are earned. Expired courses cannot be used to fulfill degree requirements and must be replaced by current credits. Requests for waivers of the ten-year limit for extenuating circumstances, other than mere failure to register, are made to the department chair in which the course resides and the director of undergraduate programs.

Transfer of courses: Upper division courses will only be considered for equivalency or transfer credit if they are from AACSB accredited institutions. Exceptions will be made for programs that have current and signed agreements with the College of Business and Economics.

Because all upper division Economics courses contain a writing component, it is strongly recommended that students complete their University Writing Skills Requirement as soon as possible after completing 90 quarter units. Students are encouraged to improve these skills by taking MKTG 3495 (Business Communication). See the Business Administration chapter in the undergraduate section of this catalog for a course description.

B.A. in Economics Core Requirements 33 units

Lower Division Core:

Four courses (17 units) required:

Upper Division Core:

Four courses (16 units) required.  Complete the following courses as soon as possible after the lower division core has been satisfied.

Option Requirements

An additional 32 units in a specialized concentration are required.  Choose one of these options to complete the major:

Social Science Economics Option (32 units)

The Social Science Economics option provides an avenue for students interested in the social science aspects of economics and provides a rigorous and well-rounded economics program that emphasizes its social science underpinnings.

Option Elective Courses in Economics:

Choice of five upper division economics courses (20 units), excluding: ECON 3551, ECON 3898, ECON 4900.

Course Descriptions

Use this link to see all Course Descriptions  available throughout this catalog.

Other Undergraduate Degree Requirements

In addition to major requirements, every student must also complete the University requirements for graduation which are described in the Undergraduate Admission and Degree Information & FAQ  chapter in the front of this catalog. These include the General Education-Breadth requirements; the second composition (ENGL 1002 ) requirement; the cultural groups/women requirement; the performing arts/activities requirement; the U.S. history, U.S. Constitution, and California state and local government requirement; the University Writing Skills Requirement; and the residence, unit, and grade point average requirements.