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2021-2022 Cal State East Bay Catalog 
2021-2022 Cal State East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Single Subject Credential Program (Available Self-Support)(Online)

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This program is available through Self-Support. Self-Support refers to programs offered through Continuing Education. Separate registration, enrollment, and/or fees may be required for programs offered through self-support.  See also “Continuing Education” in the glossary .

Single Subject Credential Program

Credential requirements specified in this catalog are subject to changes made by the State of California.

Notice To Students re: Professional Licensure and Certification.  See Graduate Requirements  page for more information.
Contact the Department of Teacher Education or the Credential Student Services Center (CSSC) for current regulations.


Applicants may only enter the Multiple Subject, Single Subject and TEDSPED credential programs in the summer quarter. Program admission is a simultaneous, two-part process. You must meet both the Department and University requirements in order to begin the program. The Department file is maintained in the Credential Student Service Center (CSSC) and the steps outlined in this handbook are primarily related to Department admissions for post-baccalaureate applicants. The University file is processed by the University Graduate Admissions Office (referred to as “University”) and you can monitor your University admissions status through your MyCSUEB account.

Admissions and Credential Requirements for the Teaching Credential Programs are governed by the California Educational Code.  Due to the COVID-19 crisis, some of the requirements are subject to change due to Executive Order, Legislative Actions, and/or regulatory changes made by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).  Please check the department website for up to date information.

Multiple or Single Subject Credential Programs - Application Process and Admission Requirements

Before applying to the Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential Program, all applicants should attend a ”Credential Information Session.”  Several sessions are held every month except July and August.  Students can also register for a session on the CSSC website.

  1. All applicants must submit the following documents to the CSSC in order in order to secure an interview:
  2. A completed copy of the online University “Graduate and Post Baccalaureate Application” (see CSU Mentor);
  3. A completed online “Department of Teacher Education” application;
  4. Statement of Purpose - 300-500 words, typed, double-spaced; see department application for questions.
  5. Pass a basic educational skills test approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). 
  6. Pass the relevant California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET), or obtain a waiver for the CSET by completing an approved subject matter preparation program at a CSU OR proof of registration for all CSET subtests or proof of pending Subject Matter Waiver Letter.

After the Interview the following must be submitted:

  1. One official copy of your degree-granting institutional transcript (to the university)
  2. Two letters of recommendation; both letters must demonstrate suitable aptitude for teaching in public schools;
    • Academic letters of recommendation are not acceptable.
    • Letters should be dated within 3 years.
    • The letters should be written by someone who has observed you teaching or working with students in the age group of the credential sought.
    • Both letters must be on official letterhead, signed, and dated. If letterhead is not available, include a business card.
  3. Pass a U.S. Constitution course or exam
  4. Earn a 2.67 cumulative grade point average or 2.75 in the last 60 semester units in a baccalaureate degree. 
  5. 45 hours of Early Field Experience:
    • Documented field experience of at least 45 hours in a K-12 classroom or classroom-like setting with groups of children: multiple subject, children 5-11 years of age and single subject youth aged 12 - 17 years.
    • At least 15 hours must be in a public school classroom setting within the last two years.
    • An acceptable public school experience includes work as a substitute teacher, para-educator, instructional aids, or classroom volunteer.
    • Faith-based instruction is not acceptable. 
    • The remaining 30 of the 45 hours minimum must have been satisfied within the last three years.
      • These hours may be completed in public or private school settings; in community-based venues, such as the YMCA, park recreations center, or in a structured summer camp, after-school, or other formally organized educational program. 
      • Submit the Early Field Experience Verification form. Use as many forms as needed to verify the total hours.
      • This requirement may be partially fulfilled by enrollment in TED 3001, or TED 301 and TED 302. 
  6. CTC Certificate of Clearance.
  7. Submit a TB clearance dated within two years.

Admission Process

Applicants are required to attend an admission interview. Successful applicants are notified by email from the CSSC after the interview.  Applicants may receive a “Conditional Acceptance” pending receipt of documents. 

Credential Requirements

The Single Subject Credential is the credential that authorizes the teaching of a specific subject in a departmentalized classroom.

Single Subject Credential Requirements (43 units)

Required Courses

Complete 43 units of the following coursework:

Other Graduate & Post-Baccalaureate Degree Requirements

In addition to departmental requirements, every student must also satisfy the University requirements for graduation as described throughout this catalog. These include the 70% unit residence requirement; the five-year rule on currency of subject matter; the minimum number of units in 600-level courses; the “C” minimum grade for each graduate course; the 3.00 cumulative grade point average; and the University Writing Skills Requirement.

Note: For information on meeting the University Writing Skills Requirement, see Graduate Policies  or call the Testing Office at (510) 885-3661.

Department Courses Listed by Course Type

Teacher Education Courses

Department of Teacher Education

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Teacher Education

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Teacher Education: Post-Baccalaureate


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