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2019-2020 Cal State East Bay Catalog 
2019-2020 Cal State East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Ethnic Studies, B.A.: American Indian Studies Concentration

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Ethnic Studies, B.A. Program (120 units)

Program Description

Ethnic Studies offers an interdisciplinary major, providing a comparative approach to the study of people of color in the United States.  Our Ethnic Studies curriculum has a strong social justice focus. Through a systematic study of the cultures, histories, and social realities of communities of color in the US, our students finish our program prepared to work effectively in multiracial, multiethnic, multigender communities.   

The Ethnic Studies major consists of 36 units. Our major provides students with considerable flexibility, allowing them to specialize in one group, while also gaining in-depth knowledge and expertise in the range of histories, cultures, and social realities of communities of color.  Students work closely with their academic advisor to put together a program that suits their goals and interests. Students take 18 units of core curriculum, 12 units in their concentration, and 6 units in elective courses in Ethnic Studies. Students choose from the following five areas of concentration: American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, Black Studies, Genders and Sexualities in Communities of Color, and Latinx/Chicanx Studies. 

Career Opportunities

College Faculty, Staff, or Administrator • Community Liaison or Organizer • Diversity Specialist • Government Service • Immigration Policy Advocate • Non-Profit Management • Prison Abolitionist • Public Relations • Social Work/Therapist • Teacher/Counselor • Tribal Government • Union Organizer • Urban Planning and Affordable Housing • Youth Advocate

Program Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a B.A. in Ethnic Studies from Cal State East Bay will be able to:

  1. Apply Ethnic Studies frameworks and key concepts to promote equity and social justice in our communities.
  2. Explain discipline-specific theoretical frameworks including critical race theory, intersectionality, women of color feminisms, and/or queer of color theories
  3. Recognize the complexity, heterogeneity and power dynamics between and within racialized groups in the US.
  4. Research and write effectively, in individual or collaborative contexts, on issues, ideas, perspectives, and values that affect people of color in the United States;
  5. Explain the concepts of colonialism, decolonization, genocide, environmental racism, and/or resilience as foundations of indigenous epistemologies and sovereignty.

Degree Requirements Unit-Outline

  • A baccalaureate of arts degree requires a total of 120 units:
    • The major requirements consists of 36 units;
    • General Education (GE) & Graduation Requirements (GR) consists of 57 units;
    • Free Electives may consist of 27 units (actual number of free elective units may depend on GE/GR units).

Note: It may be possible to double-count units within the graduation requirements or that a course may satisfy both a graduation requirement and a major requirement. Students should contact their program and AACE advisors for information.

Ethnic Studies Major Requirements (36 units)

Core Coursework

The following 18 units of lower- and upper-division core coursework are required:

Elective Courses

Students must take an additional 6 units of electives in Ethnic Studies NOT in their area of concentration.

American Indian Studies Concentration

Students with a concentration in American Indian Studies will take 12 units of coursework that focus on American Indians. Choose four (4) courses from the following:

Other Undergraduate Degree Requirements

In addition to major requirements, every student must also complete the University’s baccalaureate requirements for graduation, which are described in the Requirements, Exams & Testing  chapter of this catalog. 

Department Courses Listed by Course Type

Ethnic Studies Courses

Department of Ethnic Studies

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Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies: Black Studies

Ethnic Studies: American Indian Studies

Ethnic Studies: Asian American Studies

Ethnic Studies: Genders and Sexualities in Communities of Color

Ethnic Studies: Chicanx and Latinx Studies