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2018-2019 Cal State East Bay Catalog 
2018-2019 Cal State East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Studies, B.A.

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International Studies, B.A. Program (120 units)

Program Description

The International Studies BA consists of an integrated group of courses reflecting international aspects of various disciplines. It is designed to provide the student with a broad base of understanding of the world community and of international processes and relationships while providing the opportunity to specialize in an area of interest. A minor in International Studies is also offered.

The International Studies major consists of a lower division requirement eighteen (18) to twenty-seven (27) units.  These include one course in international studies (1 course), plus one course in each of the following five areas:  culture/society, geography, economics, politics, and the humanities/languages (5 courses). They also include proficiency in a foreign language at the intermediate level.  The foreign language requirement can be met through study to the intermediate level (12 units), through Advanced Placement scores, or through documented native oral and written proficiency. Students without documented proficiency should contact the Director to determine eligibility for a waiver from language course requirements.The lower division program maps closely to the California Community College transfer degree in Global Studies.

The upper division requirements range from 21-29 units depending on whether 3 or 4 unit courses are selected from the choices available. Requirements include a methods course, a modern history course, and two INTS courses (the senior seminar and an international field experience, the latter not needed if the student elects to study abroad). The student will complete the major with four courses (12-16 units) of internationally-focused coursework with a particular emphasis on; a region of the world (e.g. Asia), a related discipline (e.g. Anthropology), or a topic (e.g. Peace and Conflict). Many course electives will also meet general education requirements and INTS can be easily dovetailed with many other degrees for those seeking a double major within their 120 units of study.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities are highly diverse, depending on the student’s interests and skills and new opportunities are rapidly emerging and expanding. Our Graduates work in all sectors: governmental, non-profit, private, and education. Our Alumni pursue graduate degrees in many fields including but not limited to: foreign service, law, political science, international relations, and management and business and some elect to join the Peace Corps or pursue other international service opportunities before continuing to graduate school or their chosen career path.

Job titles include, but are not limited to:

Diplomacy and Foreign Service • Educational and Cultural Exchange Programs • Federal Government • Humanitarian and Development Work • International Business • International Organizations • Journalism • Law • Local Services to Foreign Language Speakers • Politics • Tourism • Teaching • Translation


The University encourages firsthand experience abroad. INTS 398 (International Field Work) is designed to afford such an opportunity. Optimally the student will elect to complete an internship or other practical experience, either paid or voluntary, in a foreign country. The University recognizes that this may not always be possible and therefore accepts the completion of the internship locally if the work experience is clearly  internationally related. The student may also elect to fulfill the international work experience requirement by completing a course of study through the CSU International Programs or another recognized year-long, quarter, semester, or summer program abroad. Any such activity must be approved by the International Studies Director before being undertaken to establish the learning goals for the activity and align them with the stated program goals.

Program Learning Outcomes

In addition to the university-wide institutional learning outcomes, students graduating with a B.A. in International Studies from Cal State East Bay will be able to:

  1. demonstrate cross-cultural competencies, including second language capabilities and knowledge of other cultures and cultural systems.
  2. demonstrate knowledge of global political, economic, social, and geographic systems including their interconnections and sustainability challenges.
  3. demonstrate the ability to research, write and communicate orally about complex international issues both individually and through collaborative learning and teamwork.
  4. demonstrate broad knowledge of the international dimensions and issues of a chosen emphasis area (a region, a discipline, or a clearly defined topic)
  5. demonstrate the ability to participate successfully in international cultural and/or civic engagement activities and enterprises.
  6. articulate personal career goals, recognize the variety of career opportunities related to international studies, and prepare for their chosen career(s).

Degree Requirements Unit-Outline

  • A baccalaureate of arts degree requires a total of 120 units:
    • The major requirements consists of 39-57 units
    • General Education (GE) & Graduation Requirements (GR) consists of 57 units;
    • Free Electives may consist of 7-24 units (actual number of free elective units may depend on GE/GR units).

Note: It may be possible to double-count units within the graduation requirements or that a course may satisfy both a graduation requirement and a major requirement. Students should contact their program and AACE advisors for information.

International Studies Major Requirements (39-57 units)

Lower Division Coursework

Students must take a total of six (6) courses, at least one (1) course from each of the following areas, for 18-19 units:

Upper Division Course & Field Work

Students are required to take 3-6 units of the following as outlined:

  • The following course is required for 3 units:

  • Units: 3 ; G.E./G.R. Area: C4

    International Field Experience, for 0-3 units, is required:

  • Units: 2-3

  • Note: All INTS majors, with the exception of those who participate in an approved study abroad program, must take INTS 398.

Emphasis Coursework

With approval from the International Studies Director, 12-16 units of emphasis coursework in one of the following areas are required:

  • a discipline area
  • a regional area
  • a topic area

Foreign Language Proficiency

Oral and written proficiency in a modern foreign language equivalent to two (2) full years of university-level studies. The requirement can be fulfilled by the completion of the second semester of intermediate language at Cal State East Bay or by other proof of oral and written proficiency at that level.  This area consists of 0-9 units.

Capstone Requirement

The following senior seminar for 3 units is required to complete the major:

Other Undergraduate Degree Requirements

In addition to major requirements, every student must also complete the University’s baccalaureate requirements for graduation, which are described in the Requirements, Exams & Testing  chapter of this catalog. 

Department Courses Listed by Course Type

International Studies Courses

International Studies Program

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International Studies

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