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2023-2024 Cal State East Bay Catalog 
2023-2024 Cal State East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Justice Overlay

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DANC 333 - Cross-Cultural Identity, Creativity, & Social Justice Abroad

Units: 3; Breadth Area: GE-UD-C; Social Justice
Exploring questions of identity through study abroad by comparing US cultures, values, creative forms, and media, with other countries. Respectful cultural immersion. Examining relationships between social justice and cross-cultural arts and media.

Strongly Recommended Preparation: Upper division status (greater than 60 earned semester units) and completion of lower division Area C requirements.
Prerequisites: GE Areas A1, A2, A3, and B4 with grade C- (CR) or better.
Repeatability: May be repeated for a maximum of 9 units total.
Possible Instructional Methods: On-ground.
Grading: A-F or CR/NC (student choice).
Breadth Area(s) Satisfied: GE-UD-C - Upper Division Arts or Humanities, Overlay - Social Justice
Cross-listed: MUS 333
Student Learning Outcomes - Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  1. discuss and practice respectful cultural etiquette for a foreign culture, comparing and contrasting this etiquette to what they are familiar with;
  2. compare and contrast aspects of identity, creativity, and social justice in a foreign culture to how they manifest in the United States;
  3. identify how artistic expression is influenced by cultural identity, tradition, and relationships to the complexities of body politics and social justice movements;
  4. create and discuss art, performance, and media emerging out of their own identities intersecting with issues of identity and body politics in other countries;
  5. participate in and discuss creative expression across cultures that engages the potential of people of all identities, and especially those who have been historically underrepresented;
  6. identify the differences between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation, and discuss how to engage in inter-cultural exchanges that foster social justice and understanding.

UD-C. Upper-division Arts or Humanities Learning Outcomes

  1. demonstrate an understanding of and ability to apply the principles, methodologies, value systems, and thought processes employed in the arts and humanities;
  2. analyze cultural production as an expression of, or reflection upon, what it means to be human; and
  3. demonstrate how the perspectives of the arts and humanities are used by informed, engaged, and reflective citizens to benefit local and global communities.
Social Justice Overlay Learning Outcomes

  1. use a disciplinary perspective to analyze issues of social justice and equity;
  2. describe the challenges to achieving social justice; and
  3. identify ways in which individuals and/or groups can contribute to social justice within local communities, nations, or the world.

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