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2023-2024 Cal State East Bay Catalog 
2023-2024 Cal State East Bay Catalog

Social Justice Overlay Courses

The following courses have been approved for Social Justice Overlay at the time of publication.

ACCT 220 Legal Environment of Business  (D1-2) 

ANTH 333 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective  (UD-D)

ANTH 341 Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice  (UD-D)  

ART 323 Modern Media, Art, and Culture I  

ART 341 Advanced Photography and Social Justice  

BAN 441 Business Data Visualization and Reporting  

BIOL 335 Humans: Health and Disease  (UD-B)

COMM 255 Queer Cultures: Knowledge and Literacy  (D1-2)

DANC 333 - Cross-Cultural Identity, Creativity, & Social Justice Abroad  (UD-C)

ENGL 322 African-American Literature Before 1945  (UD-C)

ENGL 324 Women’s Literature and Feminist Theory  (UD-C)

ENGL 327 LGBT Literature and Queer Theory  (UD-C)

ENGL 346 - Literature and Health Care  (UD-C)

ENGL 355 - Language, Gender, and Social Change  (UD-D)

ES 100 Introduction to Social Justice in Communities of Color  (F-ES)

ES 120 The People’s History I  (D1-2; US-1 and US-2)

ES 121 The People’s History II  (D1-2; US-2 and US-3)

ES 122 - The Black Fantastic: Politics and Popular Culture in Black America  (F-ES)

ES 222 - Race in the City  (F-ES)

ES 223 Education For Liberation  (F-ES)

ES 247Hip Hop Nation  (F-ES)

ES 300W Writing for Social Justice  (UD-C)

ES 305 Reel Injun: American Indians in Film  (UD-D)

ES 306 American Indian Liberation  (UD-D)

ES 320 The Chicano/a Movement  (UD-D)

ES 323 Latinx and Latin American Film  (UD-C)

ES 325 Mexico Before Spain   (UD-C)

ES 326 Peoples of Central America  (UD-D)

ES 328 - Afro-Latinx Cultures, Identities, Histories  (UD-C)

ES 338 Asian American Politics  (F-ES))

ES 342 James Baldwin  (UD-C)

ES 343 Black Power  (UD-D)

ES 344 Malcolm X: Third World Revolutionary  (UD-D)

ES 361 Asian Immigrant and Refugee Women in Literature and Cinema  (UD-C)

ES 362 Concentration Camps, USA  (UD-D)

ES 365 Asian American and Pacific Islander Environmental Voices  (UD-D)

ES 380 Queer of Color Histories, Cultures, and Identities  (UD-C)

ES 384 Interracial Sex and Marriage  (UD-C)

ES 396 Muslim American Activism: Beyond Islamophobia, Orientalism and Empire  (UD-D)

GS 331 Community Engagement and Leadership Seminar for GANAS I  (E)

GS 332 Community Engagement and Leadership Seminar for GANAS II  (E)

HDEV 301 Theories of Human Development   

HIST 321 Communism as Civilization  (UD-C)

HIST 322 Warfare, Genocide, Terrorism: Globalization Through Conflict Since 1914  (UD-C)

HIST 328 20th Century World  (UD-C)

HIST 361 Traditional India  (UD-C)

HIST 362 Modern South Asia  (UD-C)

HIST 363 - The Middle East and the Rise of Islamic Societies  (UD-C)

HIST 364 The Modern Middle East  (UD-C)

HIST 373 American and Haitian Revolutions: Wars of Independence, 1750-1850  (UD-C)

HIST 384 - Radicals, Reformers, and Reactionaries: Arguing about Social Justice in Modern US History  (UD-C)

HIST 389 Social Justice and Reform Movements in America  (UD-D)

HIST 393 - Revolutionary Thought in Latin America  (UD-D) 

HIST 487 American Refugees: The History of Forced Migration and Displaced Communities in the United States  (UD-C)

HOS 205 Travel and Tourism  (D1-2)

HOS 297 Food & Culture  (D1-2) 

KIN 315 Sport, Culture, and Power  (UD-D)

KIN 489 Sport, Racism, and Ethnicity  (UD-D)

LBST 223 Education For Liberation  (F-ES)

MATH 318 Mathematical Contributions to Modern Society  (UD-B)

MGMT 300 - Business and Professional Ethics  

MLL 323 Francophone Culture and Civilization through Cinema  (UD-C)

MLL 324 Francophone Literature in Translation  (UD-C)

MLL 326 - Sexuality and Feminism in Francophone Literature and Cinema  (UD-C)

MLL 366 New Chinese Cinema in English Translation  (UD-D)

MLL 422 LGBTQ Francophone Cinema  (UD-C)

MLL 425 Postcolonial Francophone Rap/Hip-Hop  (UD-C)

MLL 441A Latin American Pop Culture: Narratives & Films  (UD-D)

MLL 455 Japanese Manga and Anime Masterpieces in English Translation  (UD-C)

NURS 450 Community Health Nursing  Note: the Social Justice overlay requirement is satisfied upon completion of the two-course sequence, NURS 450 and NURS 451.

NURS 451 Community Health Nursing Practice   

PH 270 Investigating Disease Outbreaks and Epidemics  (C2)

PH 340 - Climate Change, Health, and Equity  (UD-D)

PH 355 Bioethics  (UD-C)

PH 440 Global Health and Disability  (UD-D) 

PHIL 312 Bioethics  (UD-C)

PHIL 313 Philosophy of Business and Professional Ethics  (UD-C)

PHIL 321 Philosophy and Science Fiction  (UD-C)

PHIL 330 Epistemology: Knowing and Not Knowing   (UD-C) 

PHIL 332 Philosophy of Social Science  (UD-D)

PHIL 333 Philosophy of Language  (UD-C)

PHIL 334 Technologies and Human Values  (UD-C)

PHIL 336 Philosophy of Cognition and Artificial Intelligence  (UD-C)

PHIL 351 Social and Political Philosophy  (UD-C)

PHIL 354 Global Human Rights and Social Justice  (UD-C)

PHIL 371 Philosophy of Education  (UD-C)

PHIL 375 Feminist Philosophy  (UD-C)

PHIL 377 Philosophy of Law  (UD-C)

POSC 332 Yes We Can! Advocacy and Action  (UD-D)

POSC 338 Asian American Politics  (F)

POSC 377 - Philosophy of Law  (UD-C)

POSC 380 - Public Policy Analysis  (UD-D)

POSC 383 Labor Policy and Law  (UD-D)

PSYC 464 Eliminating Prejudice  

REC 200 Serving Diverse Populations in Hospitality, Recreation, Rec Therapy and Tourism  (D1-2)

REC 310 Women and Leisure  (UD-D)

SOC 320 Social Inequalities   

SOC 413 Medical Sociology  

SOC 420 Political Sociology  

SOC 433 Community Engagement  

THEA 101 Doing The Right Thing: Social Justice Theatre  (C1)

THEA 330  (UD-C)

WOST 403 Comparative Perspectives on Global Feminism