Feb 21, 2024  
2023-2024 Cal State East Bay Catalog 
2023-2024 Cal State East Bay Catalog

GE Area UD-C Courses

The following courses have been approved for GE Area Upper Division C at the time of publication.  

ART 320 Comparative World Art  

ART 325 Race and Representation in American Art  (Diversity Overlay) 

ART 420 Comparative World Art II  

ART 423 Modern Media, Art and Culture II  

ART 426 Contemporary Visual Studies II   

DANC 331 Sex, Race, and Body Politics in Dance  (Diversity Overlay)

DANC 332 World Dance and Cultures  (Diversity Overlay)

DANC 333 - Cross-Cultural Identity, Creativity, & Social Justice Abroad  (Social Justice Overlay)

DANC 334 Healing Our World through Ancestral Performance Practices  (Sustainability Overlay)

DANC 341 Dance for Children   

DANC 401 The Expressive Body  (Diversity Overlay)

ENGL 319 - Moby Dick and Literatures of the Ocean  

ENGL 321 American Indian Literature  (Diversity Overlay)

ENGL 322 African-American Literature Before 1945  (Social Justice Overlay)

ENGL 323 African-American Literature After 1945  (Diversity Overlay)

ENGL 324 Women’s Literature and Feminist Theory  (Social Justice Overlay)

ENGL 325 Asian-American Literature  (Diversity Overlay)

ENGL 327 LGBT Literature and Queer Theory  (Social Justice Overlay)

ENGL 328 Latinx Literature  (Diversity Overlay)

ENGL 342 Environmental Literature  (Sustainability Overlay)

ENGL 343 - Crime Fiction  

ENGL 345 Comics and Graphic Novels  

ENGL 346 - Literature and Health Care  (Social Justice Overlay)

ENGL 361 - Science Fiction: Speculative Fiction  

ENGL 411 Early Shakespeare  

ENGL 412 Late Shakespeare  

ENGL 423 Ethnic American Women’s Literature After 1900  (Diversity) 

ENGL 447 - Film Criticism  

ES 300W - Writing for Social Justice  (Social Justice, UWR) 

ES 302 Eating The Landscape  (Sustainability Overlay)

ES 303 Debates in Contemporary Native America  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 304 American Indian Oral Literature  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 307 God is Red: American Indian Worldview  (Sustainability Overlay)

ES 321 Chicana Feminisms  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 322 Oral Traditions  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 323 Latinx and Latin American Film  (Social Justice Overlay)

ES 324 Latin American Immigration  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 325 Mexico Before Spain  (Social Justice Overlay)

ES 328 - Afro-Latinx Cultures, Identities, Histories  (Social Justice Overlay)

ES 329 Chicanx/Latinx Cultural Production: Activism, Identity, Resistance  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 340 Black Literature  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 342 James Baldwin  (Social Justice Overlay)

ES 345 Jazz Cultures and Communities  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 346 Afrofuturism  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 361 Asian Immigrant and Refugee Women in Literature and Cinema  (Social Justice Overlay)

ES 363 Asian American & Pacific Islander Film Festival  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 365 Asian American and Pacific Islander Environmental Voices  (Social Justice Overlay)

ES 380 Queer of Color Histories, Cultures, and Identities  (Social Justice Overlay)

ES 382 Women of Color Writers: Race, Sex, and Resistance  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 384 Interracial Sex and Marriage  (Social Justice Overlay)

HIST 321 Communism as Civilization   (Social Justice Overlay)

HIST 322 Warfare, Genocide, Terrorism: Globalization Through Conflict Since 1914  (Social Justice Overlay)

HIST 323 History of Sustainability  (Sustainability Overlay)

HIST 327 Love, Sex, Family: Globalization and Private Life Since 1914  (Diversity Overlay)

HIST 328 20th Century World  (Social Justice Overlay)

HIST 333 Sustainability in the Ancient World  (Sustainability Overlay)

HIST 334 Ancient Egyptian Civilization  (Sustainability Overlay)

HIST 335 Rome and Christianity  

HIST 336 Ancient Greece   

HIST 337 The Roman Republic  

HIST 338 The Roman Empire   

HIST 351 Russia: Peter to the Present  (Sustainability Overlay)

HIST 361 Traditional India   (Social Justice Overlay)

HIST 362 Modern South Asia  (Social Justice Overlay)

HIST 363 The Middle East and the Rise of Islamic Societies  (Social Justice Overlay)

HIST 364 The Modern Middle East  (Social Justice Overlay)

HIST 366 China: Ming Dynasty to Today  

HIST 367 Japan: Origins to Tokugawa  

HIST 368 Japan, Tokugawa to Today  

HIST 369 The Korean Peninsula  

HIST 371 Early America  (Diversity Overlay)

HIST 373 American and Haitian Revolutions: Wars of Independence, 1750-1850   (Social Justice Overlay)

HIST 376 Destroying Slavery in the US Civil War   

HIST 380 The American West  

HIST 384 Radicals, Reformers, and Reactionaries: Arguing about Social Justice in Modern US History  (Social Justice Overlay)

HIST 387 Immigration and the Contested American Identity  (Diversity Overlay)

HIST 388 US and California Environmental History  (Sustainability Overlay)

HIST 473 Sexuality and Identity in US History  (Diversity Overlay)

HIST 474 Women, Gender and Rights in US History   (Diversity Overlay)

HIST 477W History and Trends in Nursing  (Diversity Overlay, UWR)

HIST 480 Baseball in the United States and the Caribbean  (Diversity Overlay)

HIST 487 American Refugees: The History of Forced Migration and Displaced Communities in the United States  (Social Justice Overlay)

HIST 488 Education and American Democracy  

KIN 370 US Twentieth Century Women’s Sport  (Diversity Overlay)  

MLL 323 Francophone Culture and Civilization through Cinema  (Social Justice Overlay)

MLL 324 Francophone Literature in Translation   (Social Justice Overlay)

MLL 326 Sexuality and Feminism in Francophone Literature and Cinema  (Social Justice Overlay) 

MLL 352 Japanese Folktales and Culture  (Diversity Overlay)

MLL 362 Chinese Folktales and Culture  (Diversity Overlay)

MLL 422 LGBTQ Francophone Cinema  (Social Justice Overlay) 

MLL 425 Postcolonial Francophone Rap/Hip-Hop  (Social Justice Overlay)  

MLL 444A Food Cultures in the Latinx Communities  (Diversity Overlay)  

MLL 447 Latin American Global and Cultural Studies   

MLL 455 Japanese Manga and Anime Masterpieces in English Translation  (Social Justice Overlay) 

MUS 302 What to Listen for in Music  (Diversity Overlay)

MUS 304 World Music & Culture  

MUS 305 Global Hip-Hop   

PH 355 Bioethics  (Social Justice)

PH 390 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Communities and Health    

PHIL 311 Environmental Ethics  (Sustainability Overlay) 

PHIL 312 Bioethics  (Social Justice Overlay)

PHIL 313 Philosophy of Business and Professional Ethics  (Social Justice Overlay)

PHIL 320 Philosophy of Art  (Diversity Overlay)

PHIL 321 Philosophy and Science Fiction  (Social Justice Overlay)

PHIL 324 Philosophy and Sex  (Diversity Overlay)

PHIL 325 Philosophy for the Soul  (Diversity Overlay)

PHIL 330 Epistemology: Knowing and Not Knowing  (Social Justice Overlay)

PHIL 331 Metaphysics: Being and Not Being   

PHIL 333 Philosophy of Language  (Social Justice Overlay)

PHIL 334 Technologies and Human Values  (Social Justice Overlay)

PHIL 335 Philosophy of Science  (Sustainability Overlay)

PHIL 336 Philosophy of Cognition and Artificial Intelligence  (Social Justice Overlay)

PHIL 337 Science and Religion  

PHIL 338 Atheism, Agnosticism, and Theism  

PHIL 339 Understanding Life Through Experience  (Diversity Overlay)

PHIL 340 Philosophy of Religion  

PHIL 341 Abrahamic Religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam  

PHIL 342 Religions of Asia  

PHIL 343 Contemporary Religious Thinkers   

PHIL 344 Mysticism  

PHIL 346 Cults and New Religious Movements  (Diversity Overlay)

PHIL 347 Religion, Monsters, and Horror  (Diversity Overlay)

PHIL 348 Views of the Afterlife   

PHIL 351 Social and Political Philosophy  (Social Justice Overlay)

PHIL 353 Human Rights in the U.S.  (Diversity Overlay)

PHIL 354 Global Human Rights and Social Justice  (Social Justice Overlay)

PHIL 355 Race and Justice  (Diversity Overlay)

PHIL 361 “Know Thyself”: The Birth of Philosophy  

PHIL 362 “I Think Therefore I Am”: Rationalism, Irrationalism, and Beyond  

PHIL 365 Existentialism  

PHIL 371 Philosophy of Education  (Social Justice Overlay)

PHIL 373 African-American Philosophical Perspectives  (Diversity Overlay)

PHIL 375 Feminist Philosophy  (Social Justice Overlay)

PHIL 377 Philosophy of Law  (Social Justice Overlay)

PHIL 378 Evil   

PHIL 380 Christianities in the United States  (Diversity)

POSC 340 Law and Society  

POSC 371 Greek, Roman and Medieval Political Thought  

POSC 374 Marxism in Theory and Practice  

POSC 377 Philosophy of Law  (Social Justice Overlay) 

TED 420 - Art Skills for Teachers  

THEA 321 History of Black Theatre  (Diversity Overlay)

THEA 322 History of Musical Theatre   

THEA 330 Theatre of the Oppressed  (Social Justice Overlay)

THEA 341 Dramatic Activities for Children  

THEA 344 Interpretation of Women’s and Ethnic Literature  (Diversity Overlay)

THEA 345 How to Watch Plays and Film