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2022-2023 Cal State East Bay Catalog 
2022-2023 Cal State East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Diversity Overlay Courses

The following courses have been approved for Diversity Overlay at the time of publication.  

ANTH 342 Language and Sexuality  (UD-D)

ANTH 372 Medical Anthropology  (UD-D)

ART 325 Race and Representation in American Art  (UD-C)

ASTR 108 Astronomy of Indigenous Cultures  (B1)

BIOL 333 Humans and Sex  (UD-B)

DANC 233 Street to Stage: History of Hip Hop Dance  (C2)

DANC 234 Tap and Musical Theatre Dance on Stage and Screen  (C1)

DANC 331 Sex, Race, and Body Politics in Dance  (UD-C)

DANC 332 - World Dance and Cultures  (UD-C)

DANC 345 - How to Watch Dance  (UD-C)

DANC 401 - The Expressive Body  (UD-C)

ENGL 220 - Immigration and Migration in American Literature  (C2)

ENGL 323 African-American Literature After 1945  (UD-C)

ENGL 325 Asian-American Literature  (UD-C)

ENGL 328 - Latinx Literature  (UD-C)

ENGL 423 - Ethnic American Women’s Literature After 1900  (UD-C)

ENGL 451 - Language in the U.S.A.  (UD-D)

ES 200 Race and Resistance  (C1)

ES 244 Mixed Race Identities in the US  (D1-2)

ES 245 Black Flix  (D1)

ES 301 Black Feminisms  (UD-D)

ES 303 Debates in Contemporary Native America  (UD-C)

ES 304 American Indian Oral Literature  (UD-C)

ES 321 Chicana Feminisms  (UD-C)

ES 322 Oral Traditions  (UD-C)

ES 324 Latin American Immigration  (UD-C)

ES 340 Black Literature  (UD-C)

ES 341 Enslavement and Resistance in the Americas  (UD-D)

ES 345 Jazz Cultures and Communities  (UD-C)

ES 346 Afrofuturism  (UD-C)

ES 347 Black Sexualities  (UD-D)

ES 360 Asian American Intimacies and Families  (UD-D) 

ES 363 Asian American & Pacific Islander Film Festival  (UD-C)

ES 364 Asian American & Pacific Islander Communities  (UD-D)

ES 366 - Pinayism: Filipina Experiences and Activism  (UD-D)

ES 381 Racialized Masculinities  (UD-D)

ES 382 Women of Color Writers: Race, Sex, and Resistance  (UD-C)

ES 395 - Muslims in the Americas  (UD-D)

GS 322 Navigating for Success as a Sankofa Scholar II  (E)

HDEV 321 Gender, Race & Class in Human Development  

HIST 327 Love, Sex, Family: Globalization and Private Life Since 1914  (UD-C)

HIST 387 - Immigration and the Contested American Identity  (UD-C)

HIST 473 Sexuality and Identity in US History  (UD-C)

HIST 474 Women, Gender and Rights in US History  (UD-C)

HIST 477 History and Trends in Nursing  (UD-C)

HIST 480 - Baseball in the United States and the Caribbean  (UD-C)

HOS 110 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism  (D1-2)

HOS 299 Professionalism & Etiquette  (E)

PH 250 Health Disparities and Health Equity  

KIN 270 Women and Sport  (D1-2)

KIN 320 Sport Film: Cultural Perspectives  (UD-D)

KIN 370 US Twentieth Century Women’s Sport  (UD-C)

MUS 302 - What to Listen for in Music  (UD-C)

NURS 427 Community Engagement IV  Note: The Diversity Overlay requirement is satisfied upon completion of the four-course series, NURS 317, NURS 327, NURS 417 and NURS 427.

PHIL 320 Philosophy of Art  (UD-C)

PHIL 324 Philosophy and Sex  (UD-C)

PHIL 325 Philosophy for the Soul  (UD-C)

PHIL 339 Understanding Life Through Experience  (UD-C)

PHIL 346 Cults and New Religious Movements  (UD-C)

PHIL 353 Human Rights in the U.S.  (UD-C)

PHIL 355 Race and Justice  (UD-C)

PHIL 373 African-American Philosophical Perspectives  (UD-C)

PHIL 380 Christianities in the United States  (UD-C)

POSC 336 This is America: Race Politics  (UD-D)

POSC 382 - U.S. Immigration Policy and Law  (UD-D)

REC 100 Introduction to Recreation and Recreation Therapy  (D1-2)

SLHS 306 - Multilingualism in the United States  (UD-D)

SOC 315 Introduction to Disability Studies  

SOC 325 Race and Ethnic Relations  (UD-D)

SOC 340 Sociology of Gender  (UD-D)

SOC 350 Sociology of Immigration  

SOC 370 Sociology of Education  

SOC 460 Marriage and Sex  

THEA 254 Acting and Diversity  (C2)

THEA 321 History of Black Theatre  (UD-C)

THEA 344 Interpretation of Women’s and Ethnic Literature  (UD-C)

WOST 102 Introduction to Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies  

WOST 301 Women and Work  

WOST 302 Women and Families  

WOST 303 Violence Against Women  

WOST 401 Feminist Theory  

WOST 402 Women’s Bodies and Health