Jun 16, 2024  
2019-2020 Cal State East Bay Catalog 
2019-2020 Cal State East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

GE Area C1 Courses

The following courses have been approved for GE Area C1 at the time of publication.

ART 100 Fundamentals of Drawing   

ART 101 Photography I   

ART 102 2D Processes   

ART 103 3D Processes   

ART 104 4D Processes   

ART 111 Sculpture I     

ART 115 Ceramics I    

ART 120 Monuments of World Art  

ART 124 History of Animation  

ART 127 History of Play, Games, and Interactivity  

ART 172 Painting I  

ART 181 Introduction to Transdisciplinary Art and Design   

ART 211 Sculpture II   

ART 215 Ceramics II   

ART 220 Monuments of Western Art I  

ART 221 Monuments of Western Art II  

ART 225 Art and Social Engagement  (Social Justice Overlay)

ART 242 Audio Production for Video and Animation   

ART 255 Game Design I   

ART 278 Bookmaking I   

ART 279 Printmaking I   

DANC 101 Dance for All Bodies and Abilities   

DANC 102 World Dance: Tradition and Change  

DANC 234 Tap and Musical Theatre Dance on Stage and Film  (Diversity Overlay)

ENGL 106 Academic Vocabulary Development  

ENGL 205 Beginning Workshop in Fiction  

ENGL 206 Beginning Workshop in Poetry  

ES 200 Race and Resistance  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 245 Black Flix  (Diversity Overlay)

ES 247 Hip Hop Nation  (Social Justice Overlay) 

MLL 122 Elementary French II  

MLL 132 Elementary American Sign Language II  

MLL 142 Elementary Spanish II  

MLL 152 Elementary Japanese II  

MLL 153 Intensive Elementary Japanese  

MLL 162 Elementary Mandarin Chinese II  

MLL 163 Intensive Elementary Mandarin Chinese   

MLL 211 Multicultural Cinema  

MUS 104 Introduction to World Music  

MUS 106 History of Rock Music  

MUS 106A History of Hip-Hop  

MUS 106B Music in Film  

MUS 106C History of the Blues  

MUS 107 History of Jazz  

MUS 108 The Language of Music  

MUS 111 Music Theory I  

MUS 121 Music Through the Ages  

MUS 206 Arts and Media of the Golden State  

PHIL 110 Freshman Topics in Philosophy and the Arts   

THEA 101 Doing The Right Thing: Social Justice Theatre  (Social Justice Overlay)

THEA 103 Ancient Theatre  

THEA 110 Discover Acting  

THEA 150 Improvisation for Life, Stage and Wellbeing  

THEA 231 Creating Theatre from Personal Experience   

THEA 241 America on Stage  

THEA 242 From Stage to Screen: Dramas and the Films They Inspired  

THEA 243 What’s so Funny? Comedic Genius Since the Sixties  

THEA 245 Secrets of Backstage Production    

THEA 246 Women in Performance  

THEA 255 Acting on Camera  

THEA 264 Non-Western Costume