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2015-2016 CSU East Bay Catalog 
2015-2016 CSU East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Number and Description Key

Course Numbering Key

The numbering of courses is intended to describe the level at which they are offered. Any student, however, may enroll for any course if he or she has completed the listed prerequisites, except for certain graduate courses.

Course Numbering Key

Course Number Description
0800-0999 Remedial courses (not for baccalaureate degree credit)
1000-1999 Freshman level
2000-2999 Sophomore level
3000-3999 Junior level
4000-4999 Senior level
5000-5999 Post baccalaureate and professional level
6000-6999 Graduate level
7000-7699 Upper division level continuing education1
7700-7999 Graduate level continuing education1
8000-8999 Doctoral level

Course Units

( ) - Unit credits appear in parentheses following title of course

Class Hours per Week

The number of class hours a course meets per week equals the number of units listed for the course, unless otherwise indicated in the course description. (A “class hour” is 50 minutes.) Supervision courses (e.g., independent study, project, thesis) have no prescribed correspondence between class hours per week and units.


  1. See quarterly schedule or website ( of Continuing and International Education for classes offered each quarter.