Apr 14, 2024  
2018-2019 Cal State East Bay Catalog 
2018-2019 Cal State East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Courses approved for GE Area B3

The following courses have been approved for GE Area B3 at the time of publication. 

BIOL 100 Biology in the Real World  

BIOL 102 Introduction to Biology Lab  

BIOL 140A Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology  

BIOL 230 Introduction to Clinical Microbiology  

BIOL 270 Human Anatomy & Physiology I  

CHEM 100 Introduction to College Chemistry  

CHEM 110 General Chemistry for Engineering  

CHEM 111 General Chemistry I  

CHEM 161 Basic Chemistry for the Health Sciences  

CHEM 165 Basic Chemistry for Healthier Living  

ENSC 241 Environmental Biology Laboratory  

ENSC 260 Introduction to GIS in Earth and Environmental Sciences  

GEOL 100 Earth Systems Science  

GEOL 102 Earth Sciences Laboratory  

GEOL 210 Physical and Environmental Geology  

PHYS 104 Musical Acoustics  

PHYS 115 Elementary Physics  

PHYS 125 Principles of Physics I  

PHYS 126 Principles of Physics II  

PHYS 135 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I  

PHYS 139 Astronomy Laboratory