May 26, 2024  
2024-2025 Cal State East Bay Catalog (BETA) 
2024-2025 Cal State East Bay Catalog (BETA)

Who Is A Grad Student?

A student is considered a Graduate Student at Cal State East Bay if they have been admitted as:

A Post-Baccalaureate Student

A student who has been admitted after receiving a baccalaureate degree.  Basic teacher credential programs constitute a separate area of post-baccalaureate work, and students in these programs are defined as “Classified Post-Baccalaureate” students.  Students who have been admitted for a second bachelor’s degree are considered post-baccalaureate students for admissions and fee purposes.

A Master’s Student

A student that has been admitted to a specific master’s degree program as a “Conditionally Classified” or “Classified” student, or to an advanced credential program which can be earned in conjunction with a master’s degree. Most master’s degrees are designed to be completed in two years if students are attending full time. A graduate student who wishes to receive a 30-unit master’s degree in two years needs to enroll in approximately 8 units for four semesters. (Eight units per semester is generally the minimum for full-time status.)

The master’s degree is awarded for completion of a planned and integrated program of advanced study. It recognizes that a student has mastered a particular field sufficiently to pursue creative or applied projects in that field.

Students who have completed a graduate degree will have acquired a mastery of a particular area of knowledge; an ability to relate that knowledge to knowledge in other disciplines; an ability to deal systematically with the concepts, theory, and principles in new situations; an ability to formulate and deal with problems on an advanced level; methodological, technical, and communication skills essential for advanced study; an ability to undertake independent investigation and research; abilities characteristic of professional performance; and attitudes conducive to continuous intellectual and professional development.

Every master’s degree program includes what is termed a capstone experience. This will include a thesis or its equivalent, a comprehensive examination or an applied or specialized project that documents an internship, or a case study report, a musical recital, gallery showing, or other comparable achievement. Completion of the capstone experience demonstrates that students have successfully integrated the various elements of the graduate learning experience and have gained an in-depth knowledge of their discipline.

A Doctoral Student

A student who wishes to receive a 60 semester-unit doctoral degree in Education.  These students should check the Educational Leadership for Social Justice, Ed.D. program chapter in this catalog, as well as consult the Doctoral Handbook (available from the Educational Leadership Department office) for academic load information and specific degree requirements.