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2021-2022 Cal State East Bay Catalog 
2021-2022 Cal State East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Justice Overlay Courses

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The following courses have been approved for Social Justice Overlay at the time of publication.  

ANTH 333 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective  (UD-D)

ANTH 341 Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice  (UD-D) 

ART 323 Modern Media, Art, and Culture I  

ART 341 Advanced Photography and Social Justice  

BIOL 335 Humans: Health and Disease  (UD-B)

COMM 255 Queer Cultures: Knowledge and Literacy  (D1-2)

DANC 333 - Cross-Cultural Identity, Creativity, & Social Justice Abroad  (UD-C)

ENGL 322 African-American Literature Before 1945  (UD-C)

ENGL 324 American Women’s Literature  (UD-C)

ENGL 327 LGBT Literature and Queer Theory  (UD-C)

ENGL 346 - Literature and Health Care  (UD-C)

ENGL 355 - Language, Gender, and Social Change  (UD-D)

ES 100 Introduction to Social Justice in Communities of Color  (F-ES)

ES 120 The People’s History I  (D1-2; US-1 and US-2)

ES 121 The People’s History II  (D1-2; US-2 and US-3)

ES 122 - The Black Fantastic: Politics and Popular Culture in Black America  (F-ES)

ES 222 - Race in the City  (F-ES)

ES 300 Writing for Social Justice  (UWSR Tier II)

ES 305 Reel Injun: American Indians in Film  (UD-D)

ES 306 American Indian Liberation  (UD-D)

ES 320 The Chicano/a Movement  (UD-D)

ES 323 Latinx and Latin American Film  (UD-C) 

ES 325 Mexico Before Spain  (UD-C)

ES 326 - Peoples of Central America  (UD-D)

ES 326 Peoples of Central America  (UD-D)

ES 328 - Afro-Latinx Cultures, Identities, Histories  (UD-C)

ES 342 James Baldwin  (UD-C)

ES 343 Black Power  (UD-D)

ES 344 Malcolm X: Third World Revolutionary  (UD-D)

ES 361 Asian Immigrant and Refugee Women in Literature and Cinema  (UD-C)

ES 362 Concentration Camps, USA  (UD-D)

ES 365 Asian American and Pacific Islander Environmental Voices  (UD-D)

ES 380 Queer of Color Histories, Cultures, and Identities  (UD-C)

ES 384 Interracial Sex and Marriage  (UD-C)

GS 331 Community Engagement and Leadership Seminar for GANAS I  (E)

GS 332 Community Engagement and Leadership Seminar for GANAS II  (E)

HIST 321 Communism as Civilization  (UD-C)

HIST 363 - The Middle East and the Rise of Islamic Societies  (UD-C)

HIST 384 - Modern American Thought  (UD-C)

HIST 389 Social Justice and Reform Movements in America  (UD-D)

HIST 391 Latin America: Conquest to Revolution  (UD-C)

HIST 393 - Revolutionary Thought in Latin America  (UD-D)

HIST 394 - US Mexico Relations Since 1810  (UD-D)

HOS 297 Food & Culture  (D1-2)

HSC 270 Investigating Disease Outbreaks and Epidemics  (C2)

HSC 340 - Climate Change, Health, and Equity  (UD-D)

HSC 440 Global Health and Disability  (UD-D) 

KIN 315 Sport, Culture, and Power  (UD-D)

KIN 489 Sport, Racism, and Ethnicity  (UD-D)

MGMT 300 - Business and Professional Ethics  

MLL 326 - Sexuality and Feminism in Francophone Literature and Cinema  (UD-C)

MLL 358 Experiencing Japanese Culture in English Translation  (UD-D)

MLL 366 New Chinese Cinema in English Translation  (UD-D)

MLL 422 LGBTQ Francophone Cinema  (UD-C)

MLL 425 Postcolonial Francophone Rap/Hip-Hop  (UD-C)

NURS 450 Community Health Nursing  Note: the Social Justice overlay requirement is satisfied upon completion of the two-course sequence, NURS 450 and NURS 451.

NURS 451 Community Health Nursing Practice   

PHIL 310 Ethics  (UD-C)

PHIL 312 Bioethics  (UD-C)

PHIL 321 Philosophy and Science Fiction  (UD-C)

PHIL 351 Social and Political Philosophy  (UD-C)

PHIL 354 Global Human Rights and Social Justice  (UD-C)

PHIL 375 Feminist Philosophy  (UD-C)

PHIL 377 Philosophy of Law  (UD-C)

POSC 377 - Philosophy of Law  (UD-C)

POSC 380 - Public Policy Analysis  (UD-D)

REC 200 Serving Diverse Populations in Hospitality, Recreation, Rec Therapy and Tourism  (D1-2)

REC 310 Women and Leisure  (UD-D)

SOC 320 Social Inequalities  

SOC 400 Economy and Society  

SOC 413 Medical Sociology  

SOC 420 Political Sociology  

SOC 433 Community Engagement  

THEA 101 Doing The Right Thing: Social Justice Theatre  (C1)

WOST 403 Comparative Perspectives on Global Feminism   

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