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2018-2019 Cal State East Bay Catalog 
2018-2019 Cal State East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Administration

University Website Directory

Office of the President

President, Leroy M. Morishita

  • Executive Assistant to the President: Rebecca Olivera

Chief of Staff: Derek J. Aitken

  • Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff: Andrea Lum
  • Executive Office Manager: Dwyla Jourdan
  • Associate Director, Government and Community Relations: Satinder S. Malhi

University Diversity Officer: Kimberly Baker-Flowers

Academic Affairs

Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs: Edward S. Inch

  • Special Assistant to the Provost: Gina Traversa
  • Director, Sustainability Initiatives: Jillian Buckholz
  • Associate Provost: Linda S. Dobb
    • Director, Faculty Development: Jessica Weiss
    • Director, Center for Community Engagement: Mary D’Alleva
    • Senior Director, Online Campus: Roger Wen
  • Associate Provost for Academic Resources and Planning: Rafael Hernandez
    • Director, Institutional Research, Analysis and Decision Support: Fanny Yeung, Interim
      • Team Leader, Institutional Research: David Garcia
    • Director, University Scheduling: Lucero Wallace
  • Dean of Academic Programs & Services: Maureen Scharberg
    • Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies: Mitchell Watnik, Interim
      • Assessment & Program Review: Julie Stein
      • Assessment & Program Review: Fanny Yeung
      • Articulation Officer: Kyle Burch
      • University Honors Program: Shirley Yap
      • University Curriculum Coordinator/Catalog and Curriculum Specialist: Sarah Aubert
      • University Catalog Editor and Curriculum Analyst: Sandra Claflin
    • APS Support: Philip Cole-Regis
    • Analyst: Patricia Loche
    • Bay Advisor: David Reed
    • Peer Academic Coaching: Marissa Baumann
    • Testing Office: Meena Sharma
    • Grade Appeal: Erica Wildy
    • Director, Academic Advising and Career Education: Larry Bliss
    • Director, General Education; Chair, General Studies: Caron Inouye
      • Advisor, General Education Program: Linda Beebe
      • ADT Advisor: Jacquelyn Beas
    • Director, Graduate Studies: Kevin Brown
  • Associate Vice President, University Extension: Brian Cook
    • Director, Continuing Education Programs: Kate White
    • Director, Special Sessions Programs: Balvinder Kumar
    • Director, Marketing: Dan Bellone
    • Executive Director, International Programs: Raymond P. Wallace
      • Director, Center for International Education: Kelly Moran
      • Director, American Language Programs: Thomas Tyner
    • Executive Director, Concord Campus: Robert Phelps
      • Operations Coordinator: Cecilia Zefeldt
    • Manager, Oakland Center: Kevin Kinney
  • Associate Vice President, Research and Sponsored Programs: Jeffery Seitz
    • Director of Compliance: Sean Williams
    • Director, Grant Administration: Jennifer Cabrejas
    • Director, Center for Student Research: Jenny O

College Deans, University Libraries, Department Chairs, and Program Directors

College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences
  • Dean: Kathleen Rountree
    • Special Assistant to the Dean: TBA
    • Associate Dean: Dawna Komorosky
    • Associate Dean: Patricia Jennings, Interim
      • Assistant to the Associate Deans: Elizabeth Graw
    • Chair, Department of Anthropology, Geography, and Environmental Studies: David Larson
    • Chair, Department of Criminal Justice: vacant
    • Chair, Department of Human Development and Women’s Studies: Keri O’Neal
    • Chair, Department of Political Science: Elizabeth Bergman
    • Chair, Department of Public Affairs and Administration: Jay Umeh
    • Chair, Department of Social Work: Rose Wong
    • Chair, Department of Sociology: Carl Stempel
    • Chair, Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences: Shubha Kashinath
    • Director, International Studies Program: Andrew Wong
School of Arts and Media (SAM)
  • Director: Thomas C. Hird
    • Chair, Department of Art: Gwyan Rhabyt
    • Chair, Department of Communication: Mary Cardaras
    • Chair, Department of Music: Buddy O. James
    • Chair, Department of Theatre and Dance: Darryl Jones
    • Director, Multimedia Graduate Program: Gwyan Rhabyt
School of Global Humanities and Cultural Studies
  • Director: Vacant
    • Chair, Department of English: Sarah Nielsen
    • Chair, Department of Ethnic Studies: Carlos Salomon
    • Chair, Department of History: Linda Ivey
    • Chair, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures: Meiling Wu
    • Chair, Department of Philosophy: Christopher Moreman
    • Director, Liberal Studies Program: Keri O’Neal
College of Business and Economics
  • Dean: George Low
    • Human Resources Coordinator:  Wanda Davenport
    • Associate Dean: Eric Fricke, Interim
    • Director, Undergraduate Programs: Eric Fricke, Interim
    • Director, Graduate Programs: C. Joanna Lee
    • Chair, Department of Accounting and Finance: Nancy Mangold
    • Chair, Department of Economics: Jed DeVaro
    • Chair, Department of Management: Vishwanath Hegde
    • Chair, Department of Marketing: C. Joanna Lee
College of Education and Allied Studies
  • Dean: Carolyn Nelson
    • Assistant to the Dean: June Laherran
    • Associate Dean: Patricia Irvine
    • Chair, Department of Educational Leadership: Peg Winkelman
    • Chair, Department of Educational Psychology: John M. Davis
    • Chair, Department of Kinesiology: Paul Carpenter
    • Chair, Department of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism: Christopher Chamberlain
    • Chair, Department of Teacher Education: Eric Engdahl
College of Science
  • Dean: Jason Singley
    • Administrative Assistant to the Dean: Mariza Sobejana
    • Associate Dean: Danika LeDuc
    • Chair, Department of Biological Sciences: Brian Perry
    • Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry: Ann McPartland
    • Chair, Department of Computer Science: Matt Johnson
    • Chair, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences: Jean Moran
    • Chair, Department of Health Sciences: Jason Smith
    • Chair, Department of Mathematics: Julie Glass
    • Chair, Department of Nursing: Lynn Van Hofwegen
    • Chair, Department of Physics: Erik Helgren
    • Chair, Department of Psychology: David Fencsik
    • Chair, Department of Statistics and Biostatistics: Joshua Kerr
    • Chair, School of Engineering: Saeid Motavalli
University Libraries
  • Dean: John Wenzler
    • Coordinator, Instructional Services: Thomas Bickley
    • Coordinator, Research Services: TBA
    • Coordinator, Information Literacy Services: Diana Wakimoto
    • Chair, Library Faculty: Kyzyl Fenno-Smith
Student Center for Academic Achievement
  • Director: Jen Nguyen

Academic Senate

Chair, Academic Senate: Mark Karplus

Academic Senate Coordinator: vacant

Administration & Finance

Vice President, Administration and Finance/CFO: Debbie Chaw

Executive Assistant to the Vice President: Carmen Rusca

  • Athletics Director: Jason Carmichael
  • Associate Vice President, Facilities Development and Operations: Winnie Kwofie
  • Associate Vice President, Financial Services: Maureen Pasag
  • Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Payroll Services: André Johnson
  • Associate Vice President, Risk Management and Internal Control: Nyassa Love Johnson
  • Assistant Vice President, Special Projects: Glen Perry
  • Associate Vice President Information Technology Services & CIO: Jake Hornsby
    • Chief Technology Office: Gene Lim
    • Information Security Officer: Thomas Dixon
    • Director, Technology Innovations Engineering: Liliana Chiou
    • Director, Education Technology: Eric Neumann
    • Director, Enterprise Information Services: Twinki Mistry
    • Director, Applications Technology & Support: David Corral
  • Chief, University Police Department: Sheryl Boykins
    • Director, Parking and Transportation Services: Derrick Lobo
  • Director, Administrative Processes: Veronica Salvador

Student Affairs

Vice President, Student Affairs: Suzanne Espinoza

  • Associate Vice President, Campus Life: Martin Castillo
    • Dining Manager, Aramark: Debbie Meyer
    • Executive Director, Associated Students Incorporated: Erik Pinlac
    • Coordinator, Diversity & Inclusion Student Center: Jessika Murphy
    • Director, Student Housing, Residence Life and Dining Services: Mark Almeida
    • Director, Student Life and Leadership: Marguerite Hinrichs
    • Director, University Unions: Kenrick Ali
    • Director, Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities: James Carroll
  • Associate Vice President, Student Support Services: Andrea Wilson
    • Director, Accessibility Services: Katie Brown
    • Director, Recreation and Wellness Services: Jennifer Luna
    • Executive Director, Student Health and Counseling: Alastair Smith, Interim
    • Director Counseling: Shauna Hong
    • Coordinator, Case Management: vacant
  • Associate Vice President, Family and Community Relations: vacant
    • Executive Director, Student Equity and Success: Alison Richardson
      • Coordinator, GANAS Program: Melissa Cervantes
      • Director, EXCEL Program: Saleem Gilmore
      • Director, EOP: James Catiggay
      • Veteran Student Services: Cherie Randolph
      • Coordinator, Renaissance Scholars: Lael Adediji
      • Coordinator, Sankofa Scholars: Anyania Muse
    • ​Executive Director, Transfer Student Programs: Diana Balgas
  • Associate Vice President, Enrollment Planning and Analysis: Michael McKeon
    • Executive Director Admission and University Registrar: Angela Schneider
    • Director, Financial Aid: Isabelle Mora
    • Director, Prospective Student Services: Abigail Jelavich
    • Director, Budget and Operations: Fa’aalu Lealaimatafao

University Advancement

Vice President, University Advancement: William Johnson

Executive Assistant to the Vice President: May Hernandez

  • Associate Vice President, Development and Campaign Director: Kathleen Brady
  • Interim Associate Vice President, University Communications: Jesse Cantley
  • Executive Director, Alumni & Constituent Engagement: Richard Watters
  • Senior Director, Analytics & Advancement Services: Brandi Gross
  • Director, University Advancement Operations & Budget:  Fa’aalu Lealaimatafao

Cal State East Bay Educational Foundation Board

  • Jack L. Acosta, Chair
  • Marvin A. Remmich, Vice Chair
  • Tanya Hauck, President
  • Mahla Shaghafi, Secretary
  • Debbie Chaw, Treasurer

Carolyn V. Aver 

Lee Blitch

Richard Carson

Jennifer Case (Alumni Trustee)

Patrick Devine

Evelyn Dilsaver

Bette Felton

Alan Gould

Tessie Guillermo

James Hannan

Howard Hyman

Dr. Narinder Singh Kapany

Dr. Derek Jackson Kimball (Faculty Trustee)

James Klescewski

David Lopez (Student Trustee)

Kumar Malavalli 

Louis Miramontes

Leroy M. Morishita, Ed.D.

Carolyn Nelson

Janet L. Owen

Micky S. Randhawa

Richard Sherratt

James H. Songey