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2018-2019 Cal State East Bay Catalog 
2018-2019 Cal State East Bay Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appealing an Inappropriate Grade

Faculty have the sole right and responsibility to provide careful evaluation and timely assignment of appropriate grades. There is a presumption that grades assigned are correct. It is the responsibility of anyone appealing an assigned grade to demonstrate otherwise. In the absence of compelling reasons, such as instructor or clerical error, prejudice or capriciousness, the grade assigned by the instructor of record is to be considered final. Students who believe that an appropriate grade has not been assigned should attempt to resolve the problem with their instructor. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome, they should discuss the issue with the department chair in which the course was offered. If the issue is not resolved, the student should make an appointment with the dean or associate dean of the college in which the course is offered. If all previous actions fail, the student should contact the Presidential Appointee to the Grade Appeal and Academic Grievance Committee by calling (510) 885-3716. If the student has applied for graduation, the student should notify their graduation evaluator that a question is pending resolution. Once a degree is posted, no grade changes will be allowed.

Grade Appeal and Academic Grievance Committee

The Grade Appeal and Academic Grievance process, administered by this committee, allows students to resolve serious cases of alleged academic unfairness. After every effort by all parties to resolve the dispute has been ineffective, students can discuss their case with the Presidential Appointee to the Grade Appeal and Academic Grievance Committee. The Presidential Appointee will assist students in exhausting all normal channels and, if necessary, in filing a Petition (see link below) for a Grade Appeal Hearing. Students will need to submit their petition and supporting documentation to the Academic Programs and Services Office. The committee will review this documentation and the response(s) filed by the other parties involved in the dispute. If the committee finds possible grounds for a grievance, a Hearing Panel will be convened to hear the case. Under normal circumstances, the student must file their Petition before the end of the semester following the semester in which the alleged incident took place.

The Grade Appeal and Academic Grievance Committee is empowered to change a grade in accordance with the Grade Appeal Document and to assign a grade in cases where the instructor may have assigned an unfair academic grade. The Grade Appeal and Academic Grievance Committee is authorized to change a grade only after it has conducted a proper review of the case.

Grade Appeal Petition Form 

For additional information see the Student Rights, Responsibilities & Conduct  chapter.

More information is available from the Office of Academic Programs and Services (Student Services and Administration Building, Suite 4500; Tel. (510) 885-3716)